Zac Posen Design Studio

Every sample produced by Zac Posen is made by hand and sewing machine in his Tribeca design studio. I spent one fashion week season working with the pattern making team to test how I liked being a technical designer. I have to say- a lot more time and skill goes in to it than you would imagine. We entered the studio with the team in the early morning, working until after midnight every day until the show. He's found the most amazing characters to work for him; all very quiet and technically and creatively skilled. 

The office is split into three parts: the design studio, the PR, wholesale, and accounting office, and the showroom. There is a meeting area in between the three and this is where I had my first interview. I showed Quentin, one of the designers, my portfolio and was invited to try my hand at creating patterns and doing tailoring for Z-Spoke, a line that was created by Zac Posen from 2010-2013.

Images here are from the SS16 Zac Posen collection, and an image shot for the latest issue of 032C by photographer duo Sean and Seng.