David Agbodji, Heart of Bull Studio

David Agbodji is the painter / photographer who taught me to fall in love with the studio. Having his own private photo studio in a brownstone in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, I had the ultimate resource for a beginning fashion stylist. He is a photographer that would shoot 3 to 4 different models in one day, portrait style. I had been assisting stylists for about a year when I first met Agbodji, but had never actually shot a story using solely my own brain. Every image we've produced together is so special to me - I'm lucky to know him because I think he's one of the best portrait photographers out there. He's also an extremely thoughtful and funny person which makes working together really limitless. 


I remember turning my apartment upside down when we first met to shoot together. I ended up bringing my entire closet, and we shot 2 models that day. Working in such a private studio is totally magical and always is an intimate and happy experience. Images above are a portrait of Amanda Murphy, a Numero cover he was featured in, and an image we created together of Gabriela Bloomgarden. Below is a portrait he shot of me (when I was super skinny) featuring Chanel flats and a Michael Kors watch.