Melodie Jeng Street Style

On a cold winter Saturday night, I decided to start a blog. 

As I scour my brain for topics to write about, one person comes to mind. This person, is Melodie Jeng, of She is my first character. Jeng's documentary-style street photos are incredible, and after seeing her portfolio I knew I had to meet her. We emailed back and forth, and met one quiet morning in Fall 2012 over granola and yogurt at 88 Orchard in Chinatown. We sat and sipped and talked about future plans, and I thought she was so impressive. Jeng graduated from New York University in the Spring of that year, a school I always dreamed about but never felt was something I could obtain. I later went on to study business at NYU in her footsteps. 

After speaking about shooting an editorial story together, we met again at a coffee shop on the Lower East Side. I was so convinced I had to have my photo taken by her, I showed up in a forest green, Narciso Rodriguez dress with a v-neck cut down to my belly button. I paired this with my vintage, Chanel-shaped black-patent alligator bag and a pair of Dolce & Gabbana strappy heels with emerald green rhinestones across the toes. I also showed up with a garment bag of six other looks I wanted to shoot which I had borrowed from my internship. Jeng was not amused, but she did take my portrait after I threw my garment bag on the ground in front of The New Museum. 

Once we sat down and started our second meeting, a plethora of ideas came out of our brains. We planned to shoot a story based on seven virtues; ambition, courage, curiosity, trust, patience, persistence, and respect. Each virtue was to be paired with a different food or dish, setting the story in a dinner-party atmosphere with a large group. We planned to shoot in a house or large brownstone dressed up like an uptown sophisticate's. 

We never shot the story, and we emailed back and fourth about shooting other stories years later, but I do have that story in the back of my brain as something I want to complete with her. Maybe when I get back to New York… maybe something to save for when we are older and have stronger resources.

Some of Melodie Jeng's work, via