Marc Jacobs

There is something beautiful about a fragrance, paired with a shimmery shadow, paired with a glowing gloss to complete a Saturday. Add in a blue-pink blush tone, and it's a look. 

The room is clean, it is full of only items I love. Is it necessary to live in a world of excess? We learn from what we see, what we hear, and we act on what we find beautiful, and trustworthy. We move softly, we speak with intention. Our tones reflect the questions that arise while we do.

My hair has pins in it, like I saw on the girl in the magazine. She was pretty, and in my head, I can be her too. 


The Mood Board

Fragrance Museum 3.JPG

As an update, my Instagram was recently hacked, and I am going through a period of completely re-evaluating my portfolio. There are so many options when it comes to how to choose to display your work - it may seem like a step back, but today, it may actually be a step forward. 

Fragrance Museum 2.JPG

I am reading more into the Third Eye; what it is, and what it means to me. 

For how many people telling me to close my eyes, and open my mouth: the eyes can speak a language most can understand. Why do we value the eye so much lesser than the mouth? When is the art of silence, something to be at peace with?