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Aleksandra Kolanko

Aleksandra Kolanko’s sweet silky garments are literal second skin. This spring, I had the honor of working with the New York based designer in collaboration with a few of my favorite artists, Lara Callahan and Brenna Drury. The white wooden floors and windows that peep morning light inside (her studio): the perfect inspiration for the soft, luxuriously creative pieces that she hand-sews and displays. Aleksandra designs for the romantics, offering gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces made for both inner wear and out. 

Each piece tells a major story, from contemporary boning in the corsets to the finely turned hems in the tanks. One open-back piece has rosettes along the neckline, for the most stunning feminine glow. I love the flattering, thoughtful cuts and tailoring that come with each piece - there is no point in buying garments that do not have a fit that makes you feel like a princess.

Pictured above is Bridie Morris with Ford, photographed by Lara Callahan in Aleksandra Kolanko. Hair and makeup by Brenna Drury + styling be me. You can see more of Aleksandra's work at