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Pleunie Buyink and the galleries

Taking two steps ahead while stepping over two seasons, WGSN showcases Pleunie Buyink's flexible rubber gems as an inspiration for A/W 16/17. The flexible interior gems play with incoming light, reflection, and color, adapting to its surroundings. I immediately thought of my friend Jessica Wall (see Agent Provocateur fishnet, by Jordan Doner) when I saw these images, with the gold gallery interior. I like featuring my characters in art galleries and art studios, though I've never actually gotten to formally shoot in one. I had access to the most amazing painting studio in the Barney Building in the East Village when I was in college and always dreamed of shooting there. I could have, but a formal studio always ended up working out. I could totally zone out with headphones and Know Wave and paint for hours in that studio. The lighting on it's own was epic.